What is SEO Vietnam service? What service packages do SEO services include? Advantages and disadvantages of hiring SEO services for your website.

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What is SEO service? The benefits of using SEO services

Search engine optimization, website ranking high on Google and improving conversion rate is one of the important issues that companies are concerned about. However, instead of spending too many resources to get unexpected results, you can refer to SEO services provided by reputable units on the market today for solutions. most optimal.

What is SEO service?

SEO service is a website optimization service provided by reputable, highly specialized units to improve the natural ranking of the website on search engines, specifically on Google.

To be more specific about SEO, this is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization - ie search engine optimization. Through SEO, businesses can improve the ranking and visibility of the website, thereby increasing traffic and generating conversion rates for the company.

Currently, Google is the most commonly used search engine in Vietnam. When users have a need to learn about a product, service, or simply have a question, they will often search for information on this tool.

By promoting SEO, the articles of the company website will show up in the first positions on the user's search results list. This is the best way for you to bring your products, services and website closest to your potential customers.

However, not everyone can SEO website well and effectively. Must be people who have specialized knowledge and understand the working mechanism of search engines, and understand the business to be able to perform tasks in accordance with Google's algorithm, thereby giving lock to the top as quickly as possible.

That is why SEO training courses and SEO services were born. SEO services will be provided by reputable organizations, they have enough knowledge and expertise to come up with strategies that are suitable for the website's content and users' search needs, thereby bringing your website to the top of Google naturally in the shortest time.

SEO Vietnam

What service packages do SEO services include?

1. Overall SEO

Overall SEO is a comprehensive SEO process, starting from finding potential customers on search engines (specifically, Google) to increasing the ranking of the entire industry keyword set, thereby increasing the likelihood of customers. ability to reach customers and improve brand awareness of the business.

Overall SEO service is considered as the optimal solution to help build a solid foundation for the website to develop comprehensively later. This solution is applied by many Vietnamese businesses not only because the cost is lower than running Google ads, but the effectiveness they bring is also superior.

An overall SEO campaign usually takes place over a long period of time, about 6-8 months. The number of keywords in the campaign can be up to thousands of words, built on searches, customer insights with high conversion rates and the ability to increase brand awareness.

2. SEO by keywords

Keyword SEO mainly focuses on optimizing the main keywords that target customers often target. Through that, you can increase traffic from readers and create conversion value for the company.

Usually, keyword SEO services will not have thousands of keywords like overall SEO, but only focus on a few keywords with large search volume. In addition, keyword SEO is closely related to backlinks - the system of links pointing back. With quality backlinks, your article will seo top Google more easily.

3. SEO Maps

SEO Maps is an optimized form of business address information displayed on Google Maps and makes it easy for users to search for that address.

SEO Maps is also an important service but little attention is paid to businesses. When you have good SEO Maps, the visibility of your business online will be increased. This means that a business's Google Maps profile will be suggested by Google when a user searches for a business or a nearby place.

SEO by keywords

4. SEO Youtube

Youtube SEO is a search engine optimization service on Youtube. In a word, YouTube SEO is the way to make your videos more friendly to YouTube's search bots.

If SEO website helps your article appear in the first positions in the list of Google search results, then SEO Youtube will optimize your video to the top of Youtube. Through that, your video will easily reach potential customers, increase traffic, build brand awareness and create conversion rates for the company.

Depending on the product, service and the company's goals and strategies, you can choose the most suitable SEO service for yourself.

Benefits from SEO services

SEO services are gradually becoming popular and used by most businesses today. Because of the benefits that this service brings, namely:

1. Create a sustainable foundation for business development

A quality SEO service will create a solid foundation, as an internal force for the business website to develop sustainably in the future.

Specifically, when the website is optimized and has useful content, the articles will easily get to the top of Google. If the ideal coverage is achieved, the website can attract thousands of traffic a day. At this point, customers will find you themselves, create conversion value and achieve the expected revenue without having to spend a lot of effort, cost and time.

In addition, SEO services are also suitable for most businesses in Vietnam.

2. Understand and capture customer insights

SEO service providers with a lot of experience and professional knowledge are able to learn, research and capture the needs of each customer. Based on that, they will build an effective overall SEO campaign, targeting the company's target customers and increasing traffic, website rankings as well as improving conversion rates in the future.

Benefits from SEO

3. Increased competitiveness

By ranking higher than your competitors on the top of Google, your website will become more attractive in the eyes of potential customers. Then, customers will approach your brand instead of your competitors. This is also a way to increase brand awareness and improve competitiveness in today's increasingly fierce market.

Even if you are a small business, through SEO services, you can still compete with competitors with high economic potential with a large staff.

4. Build a reputable brand with high awareness

As mentioned above, you can increase brand awareness by boosting your website SEO. When the website has achieved high rankings, customers will easily see your articles. The higher the coverage of the website, the greater the brand awareness will be. This is the best marketing way to quickly help customers know you without spending as much as conventional forms.

5. Cost savings

To clarify this, we can compare with the form of running Google ads - Google Adwords. Running ads not only costs you a lot of money (money per click), but sometimes the results are not as expected. Meanwhile, shoppers do not like reading advertising articles because they think that the above information is not objective.

For SEO services, you will lose an initial cost to optimize the website. However, after the website has been optimized and achieved high rankings, it is easy for the following articles to get to the top. In addition, investing in a long-term SEO strategy instead of short-term advertising will save you a lot of cost, time, effort and human resources while creating high conversion value.
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Advantages and disadvantages of hiring SEO services

Hiring SEO services

Some advantages and disadvantages when hiring SEO services can be mentioned as:


  • Save time, effort, human resources and create high efficiency.
  • Website optimization, increasing traffic.
  • Professional service, SEO plan, methodical SEO process.
  • Increase website ranking and conversion value.
  • Attract more visitors through increasing organic rankings.
  • Create sustainable value, when you stop using SEO services, you can maintain SEO yourself. Ranking after stopping SEO may drop slightly with each turn, not drop suddenly.


  • The initial cost is high, bigger than SEO itself and it takes a period of 6-8 months to see noticeable results.
  • Some units do not have in-depth knowledge of the industry or field of the business, so they cannot find the right direction or are not aware of the problems when they accept to do SEO.
  • The exchange, communication and work between the two parties is sometimes difficult, troublesome and time-consuming if your company makes a number of policies, changes suddenly, especially when cooperating with companies that provide services. Unreliable, quality service.

How to choose the right SEO service?

It can be seen that choosing the wrong SEO service provider will greatly affect the results and goals achieved in each strategy that the company offers. Therefore, please refer to the 11 criteria below to have the most suitable choice.

Choose right SEO service

1. Define SEO goals

First, you need to determine the company's SEO goals and compare and contrast the services that the SEO company provides. This is an extremely important step to help you narrow down your search and choose the most suitable service company.

Are you in need of a completely new website, or want to adjust and optimize your existing website? Do you need total SEO services or just keyword SEO? Determine the initial goal and contact professional SEO units to give them the most optimal solutions for you.

2. Specific and transparent SEO process

A professional SEO service provider will ensure transparency, clarity and specificity. Will they provide you with the right SEO plan, steps to take, and time to achieve your goals? If not, you should reconsider and give more consideration to cooperation.

If they don't have specific information, this shows a lack of professionalism. Even they are trying to hide something from you, such as the "black hat SEO" method - a form that is not recommended that can help your website rank up quickly, but has a bad effect in the long run.

Therefore, work clearly and only cooperate with transparent SEO services that have specific plans and clear goals.

3. Identify the techniques they use

The necessary SEO techniques will help the website easily to the top. However, they depend on the goal that you aim for when using SEO services. Therefore, determine whether the technique the service provider is using is a good fit for your company's current strategy.

However, it is best to meet and discuss directly to better understand the SEO service or company you choose and the plan to deploy.

SEO techniques

4. Live chat and ask questions

Choosing an SEO service directly affects the outcome of your strategy, so you need to choose carefully and thoroughly. Take the time to meet with the other person to discuss, articulate your company's goals and needs, and find out if they can meet it.

In addition, this is also a useful way to help you have the most objective assessment of the service company. Through their working style, you will realize if they are professional and suitable for cooperation. More than that, you can also ask questions and understand the strategies they will use when providing SEO services for you.

5. Be clear on budget

Before coming to the decision to invest in an SEO service, you need to determine a budget that you can afford. Will that budget level bring any profit or benefit to your company?

You can ask SEO service companies to advise on the service packages they are providing in accordance with the budget that your company sets. However, do not focus too much on the issue of cheap, because the value you receive will be commensurate with the money you spend.

6. Find out about their past achievements or partners

A reputable SEO service will display all the achievements they have achieved to increase credibility. In addition, you can also go through the old partners with the SEO company to learn about their work to make the most suitable decision.

7. Investing in a reputable SEO company will save money compared to SEO yourself

You need to consider the correlation between the cost - effectiveness of SEO yourself and hiring a reputable SEO service. Normally, you will spend a lot of money on SEO services, but your website will grow and reach your goals more quickly.

Meanwhile, SEO yourself can save, but you will face a lot of trouble. At the same time, the cost of fixing errors and the time to do SEO is also much larger than you think.

Reputable SEO company

8. References from trusted individuals

You can refer to reputable SEO units from relatives, friends or industry experts. This is the fastest way for you to choose the right SEO service company.

9. Systematically track progress based on each timeframe

During your work, you need to ask the SEO service company to provide you with their management time frame to compare and see if they are in line with your company's plan. It's best to build KPIs to easily track and measure performance.

A professional SEO service provider will regularly report and update progress, thereby fixing errors that arise and recommending to customers additional solutions to increase website performance. In particular, KPI will be a mandatory element that they need to ensure for you.

10. Establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship

A professional company will keep the peace, have a friendly and cooperative attitude to complete the project smoothly and quickly. In particular, a sustainable relationship also helps the cooperation process to be always favorable and achieve the best results.

Also, do not forget to maintain even after the project because they will most likely bring you some valuable advice in the future.

11. Beware of cheap SEO company

Of course, the optimal budget and cost is what companies always aim for. However, you need to know that the value we receive will be equivalent to what we spend.

SEO is a long process, requiring skills, knowledge and rich experience. Therefore, a cheap SEO company with a quick SEO time will hardly guarantee the goals you set out. Even, they only use methods like copy - paste or black hat SEO to bring profits.

As for service tenants, the above effects are not only not helpful for the website, but even harmful, losing the friendliness of Google's search engine.

Therefore, you should consider and learn carefully to choose a reputable unit that provides the most optimal price, instead of a cheap unit with poor quality.

Cheap SEO company

Refer to the cost of SEO services

Here are the costs you need to pay for SEO services that you can refer to

1. Overall SEO service cost

Depending on the overall SEO service provider, the cost may vary. However, in general, SEO companies are divided into several packages based on time, number of keywords, rate of reaching the top, coverage, traffic, ... so that users can choose:
  • Basic package: 100,000,000 – 150,000,000 VND.
  • Advanced package: 150,000,000 – 350,000,000 VND.
  • Premium package: over 350,000,000 VND.

2. Keyword SEO costs

The cost of keyword SEO services will depend on the number and difficulty of keywords. The reference price will be:
  • Medium difficulty: from 799,000 - 1,800,000 VND/word.
  • High difficulty: from 1,670,000 - 2,570,000 VND/word.
  • Extremely high difficulty: from 3,260,000 to 5,000,000 VND/word.

3. Cost of SEO Maps service

SEO Maps service will range from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 VND/month, accompanied by commitments on top, onpage optimization, offpage, etc. In addition, you also get a refund when the unit provides service providers did not reach an initial agreement.

4. Youtube SEO service cost

The cost of Youtube SEO services will be based on: the number of keywords, the level of competition, the difficulty of the keywords and some other related factors. The reference price will range from 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 VND within 2-3 months for 1 video.


Above is the most basic information about SEO services that you can refer to. It can be said that choosing a quality SEO service will help a lot to increase website rankings and bring conversion value to your company.
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